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Does NSFAS Fund Matric Rewrites?



Does NSFAS Fund Matric Rewrites?

In order to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged students who wish to pursue higher education, NSFAS is a government program. There may be a question in your mind about whether NSFAS funds rewrites of matriculation exams.

Rewriting your Matric exams is known as Matric rewrite. You may want to improve your marks at an institution of higher learning in order to get into the course of your choice if you did not do well enough to pass.

Does NSFAS Fund Matric Rewrites?

The Department of Basic Education will still guide you as a Matric student. In other words, if you didn’t pass your Matric examinations, you won’t be able to receive funding from NSFAS.

NSFAS TVET College funding is only available to applicants who are enrolling for a qualification that is not equivalent to high school learning.

A matric rewrite can also be obtained at TVET colleges, but these are classified as basic education courses. You will need to enroll in a higher education course instead of a basic education course.It is clear and straightforward that either a public college or a high school cannot receive NSFAS funds to rewrite its matriculation.

The NSFAS offers funding to those lacking the financial means to study further, and only to students at public TVET colleges or universities.NSFAS requires every beneficiary to have passed their matriculation examinations in order to qualify for these two categories.

NSFAS does not fund students who have passed their matric, but wish to improve certain subjects.To A higher education institution’s entry requirements must also be met for NSFAS eligibility.

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